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A person familiar with the dinner conversation who is not involved in Trump's presidential campaign and two Trump advisers briefed on the dinner corroborated Trump's claim that he didn't know Fuentes' identity when they dined together. The three sources spoke on condition on anonymity given the nature of the controversy.

[306] The EPA granted a loophole allowing a small set of trucking companies to skirt emissions rules and produce glider trucks that emit quarenta to 55 times the air pollutants of other new trucks.[307] The EPA rejected a ban on the toxic pesticide chlorpyrifos; a federal court then ordered the EPA to ban chlorpyrifos, because the EPA's own extensive research showed it caused adverse health effects in children.[287] The administration scaled back the ban on the use of the solvent methylene chloride,[308] and lifted a rule requiring major farms to report pollution emitted through animal waste.[309]

Trump attracted public attention in 1978 with the launch of his family's first Manhattan venture, the renovation of the derelict Commodore Hotel, adjacent to Grand Central Terminal. The financing was facilitated by a $400 million city property tax abatement arranged by Fred Trump,[52] who also, jointly with Hyatt, guaranteed a $70 million in bank construction financing.

Economic indicators and federal finances under the Obama and Trump administrations $ represent U.S. trillions of unadjusted dollars

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Cobertura terminada Destes fatos no momento em qual eles acontecem e a análise de quem você confia no Portal Jovem jair bolsonaro formação Pan

The former president made the explosive statement in the early hours of Saturday after Elon Musk claimed to reveal proof that Twitter - which he recently acquired for $44 billion - worked in tandem with Democrats to tip the scales in the 2020 election.

Trump, in a pair of posts on Truth Social, responded to the fallout from his comments on Saturday that the 2020 election should be redone or he should be put back in office.

James Pfiffner, professor of bolsonaro jair facebook policy and government at George Mason University, wrote in 2019 that Trump lies differently from previous presidents, because he offers "egregious false statements that are demonstrably contrary to well-known facts"; these lies are the "most important" of all Trump lies.

On January 12, the House voted in benefício of requesting that the vice president remove Trump from office per the Twenty-fifth Amendment; hours earlier, Pence had indicated that he opposed such a measure.[852] The next day, the House voted 232–197 to impeach Trump on a charge of "incitement of jair bolsonaro idade insurrection". Ten Republican representatives joined all Democratic representatives in voting to impeach Trump.

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[179] Trump circumvented the typical clemency process, taking pelo action on more than ten thousand pending applications, using the pardon power primarily on "public figures whose cases resonated with him given his own grievances with investigators".[180] Drug policy

9 million fewer popular votes than Clinton, which made him the fifth person to be elected president while losing the popular vote.[209] Trump is the only president who neither served in the military nor held any government office prior to becoming president.[210]

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